#macARENA challenge for Ukraine

We were saddened to read, hear and see the devastation that has occurred in Ukraine following the Russian invasion. The Academy team has been working behind the scenes to develop a campaign raising awareness and hopefully much needed funds for the equestrian community in Ukraine. We have created the #macARENA challenge, please learn more and take the challenge with us, for them.

@equine_academy #macARENA challengeDANCE+DONATE to helpukrainehorses.eu #supportukraine ♬ original sound – Equine Academy

Take the challenge

  1. CREATE your video – get your free template
  2. DONATE to https://helpukrainehorses.eu/en/donate
  3. POST your video & TAG #macARENA so we can like and share your videos.

As in our video, you can be on horseback or on the ground, it doesn’t matter. Show your moves and support at the same time… can you take the macARENA challenge?


We have selected the Ukrainian Equestrian Federation Charity Foundation to support our chosen charity.

There are more than 100 000 horses in Ukraine, many of the horses are caught up in the war, with no possibility to flee and seek safety, with no shelter and care. Horse owners, riding schools, athletes, breeders, and professionals are in desperate conditions without any resources of saving their horses.

The Ukrainian Equestrian Federation Charity Foundation (registered in Belgium) with assistance from the FEI (International Equestrian Federation) is supporting the Ukrainian horse owners, riding schools, athletes, equestrian clubs, stables, and professionals. We give counseling support and other kinds of needs-based assistance on the ground, including mapping shelter options and assisting with the relocation of horses, gathering offers for goods, and organizing logistics to deliver goods to equestrians and their horses both in Ukraine and/or in their temporary locations in Europe.

The aim of the UEF-CF is to provide the Ukrainian equestrian community with technical assistance and services to protect and improve the welfare of horses and to save, recover and develop the horse industry in Ukraine, including equestrian sports and other horse industry domains. They provide 6 key services:

  • S1: Distribution and delivery of the emergency humanitarian aid (horse feed and bedding) to stables in Ukraine
  • S2: Evacuation of horses from potentially dangerous and/or liberated regions to safer regions in Ukraine
  • S3: Operating evacuation shelter stables in Ukraine
  • S4: Coordination of veterinary initiatives to deliver veterinary supplies and provide veterinary services to Ukrainian equines
  • S5: IT solutions for aid request collection, stabling and evacuations
  • S6: Engagement of stakeholders to strategic planning and foresight activities for longer term development planning

By making donations or offering help, you will provide the Ukrainian equestrian community hope for a better future and save the lives of the Ukrainians and their loved ones. Our promise is that as many funds as possible will be used as direct help for Ukrainian equestrians and their horses in Ukraine (by distributing feed, helping with evacuations and information).


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