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The whole is greater than the sum of its parts


The Equine Academy’s focus is to provide a student-friendly platform to enable equine professionals to share their knowledge and expertise.

We believe that by working together, we can greatly benefit students seeking to further their education in equestrianism and support professionals in providing that education.

Our collective experience within the equine industry, web development & digital marketing gives us the perfect combination of expertise to support industry professionals such as yourself.


Discover the benefits of hosting a course with Equine Academy

FREE Course Building

We create your course on the EA platform. This way, you don't need to worry about any of the time consuming technical work.

FREE Workshops

Our talented marketing minds will help you design and refine your courses to enhance your equine student appeal.

FREE Community Events

We run monthly events which are free to our learning community to promote you and connect you with potential students.

FREE Networking

Connect with other entrepreneurs in the equine industry to share stories, get tips, mutual support and become part of the networking community.

FREE Advertising

We are advertising courses through digital & print, to reach new students. This saves you the cost, time and design of self promotion.

FREE Rewards

Refer a student to any of your courses, you'll both receive a bonus when they enroll using your provider rewards code.

FREE Learner Support

We take care of all the technical support, so you can focus on developing new courses & assessing your students.

FREE Provider Support

We offer easy to follow virtual tours of our learning platform PLUS we're on hand to give you any extra technical support, should you need it.


When you create a course with the Equine Academy you and your learners gain access to our wide range of features!​

EA Certification & CPD

Students receive EA certification on completion of all courses.
PLUS, we can offer guidance and support to add CPD value to your course(s).


Student Assessment

Courses can be assessed through your own tutor portal. You'll have full control over your student assignments, comments on their work and grading.

Accessible Learning

Our customized developed learning platform is responsive to mobile, tablet, and desktop devices.


The Academy welcomes applications from all equine professionals and recognise those whose experience may outweigh their qualifications and also that some subjects  currently lack a formal awarding body, such as Equine Behaviour.

Anyone working in the industry is considered an equine professional (meaning they get paid for their work or work in an official voluntary capacity) and can submit a course to Equine Academy. We may look at a professionals background and seek testimonials from former clients such as can be found on a Facebook page or website. 

Experience, qualifications, certifications and accreditation may be added to your course information, these may influence students who wish to find out more about you before opting to enroll on your course.

We request all courses be L.I.M.A compliant (Least Intrusive Minimally Aversive). Equine welfare is important to us and each course is quality and reference checked in addition.

The course must be related to equestrianism directly or indirectly. A direct course is where the student is working directly with the horse. An indirect course could be studying an equine related subject. We also welcome creative courses such as equine art.

Depending on the content, we will allow similar courses where there is clearly a different approach or level of information.

We work on an individual basis and will advise course providers if their course is too similar or requires any modification.

Successful courses will be uploaded to the Academy and professionals accepted ​will be awarded a course provider status; receiving our official logo to display on their website and marketing materials.

Request a Starter Pack

Find out more about creating a course with Academy, the support you will receive and the finer print. If you would like to become a course provider simply get in touch and we will get the ball rolling.

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