A selection of articles from our previous issues of the Equine Academy Journal.

Behaviour & Psychology
Phillippa Christie

Can Horses Truly Consent To Being Ridden?

Horseback riding is often seen as a romantic partnership between humans and equines. But have you ever stopped to consider if your horse is truly happy to carry you? While horses can’t give verbal consent,

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Fitness & Well-being
Equine Academy

Managing Equines in the Heat

During the Summer months of 2022, we have seen global temperature rises, most notably in the UK, Europe and North America. This increase in temperature and drought directly impacts the welfare of both equines and

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Cori Trout

Safe driving : part 1

Basic Groundwork Training Safety is essential in training the driving horse, both for the driver and for the horse. Safe training involves two things, being sure the horse fully understands and is prepared for each

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Anatomy & Physiology
Phillippa Christie

Can bitless bridles be harsh?

The short answer is, YES! Any bridle can be harsh and bitless bridles in this respect are no different. As a bitless bridle fitter, bitless coach, and trainer I spend a lot of time explaining

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Sadie Beech

Foundation Training SHOULD Look Boring

Foundation training is the essential fundamentals of good horsemanship that you and your horse need to master to communicate well together. It is the basis for everything you will teach to your horse. It is

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Diet & Nutrition
Amelia Phillips

Toxic and Poisonous Plants

Whenever there is talk about plants for horses, a frequent response on the internet is “you shouldn’t let that grow in their field, it’s poisonous”. When questioned, the person writing the comment usually says they

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