About Equine Academy

The Equine Academy was founded in 2020 by Phillippa Christie with the aim to connect equestrians with the expertise, knowledge and skills of leading industry professionals through an accessible and easy to use online learning platform.

Our Course Providers A-Z

Monica Andreewitch

“Softness Training” Author and On-Line Coach. Helping you find softness in your horse. Based in Andalucia, Spain.

Sadie Beech

Agility Coach, Equine Psychologist and Bitless, Bridleless & Treeless specialist in Noth Wales, UK.

Suz Critchton-Stuart

Classical training, movement science & equine bodywork. Rediscover the joy of movement. Hampshire, UK

Louisa Marais

Equine practitioner supporting whole horse healing with massage therapy, hoof care & R+ training. South Africa

Amelia Phillipps

Herbalist specialising in natural & healing medicines for equines & humans, based in Bulgaria.

Debbie Reilly

Horsemanship coach, behaviour consultant & EAL facilitator. Experience the joy of mindful & trust-based connections. UK

Cathy Sirett

Author & founder of Complete Confidence: How to build the confidence you need to enjoy your life.  UK based.

Cori E R Trout

Horsemanship trainer & coach specialising in driving & bitless tack in Arizona, USA.

Phillippa Christie

Equine psychologist and behaviour consultant, specialising in bitless & treeless tack fitting, in Co.Kerry, Ireland.

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