International Women’s Day 2022

Happy International Women’s Day

Today we are celebrating the amazing female tutors at the Academy. We have asked each of them what is the inspiration behind their superpowers.

Monica Andreéwitch

My Unique Super Power as a Horse Professional is helping people become the best thing that happens to their horse every day.
I do that by teaching them there are only two things that worry a horse:
1. They don’t know what’s going to happen next.
2. They DO know what is going to happen next… and they don’t like it!!
I help people get really good at making the “next thing that happens” a good thing for their horse…. whatever it is they are doing!

Suz Crichton-Stuart

Just a relentlessly enquiring mind and a love of the Maya Angelou quote “do the best you can do until you know better, then when you know better, do better”. It has led me through the past years of studying a wide range of aspects of the horse and helps me view their unique challenges from all angles. It’s a skill I learned, so there’s no reason you can’t learn it too.

Wendy Wainwright

My inspiration is my horse, everything I have done has been for her. Not sure I have a Unique Super Power except creativity and determination to makes horse’s lives better.

Elinor Brewer

I try to work with horses and humans to help them benefit from each other, emotionally, and physically through creating mutual connection.
Teaching horses and humans that there is a kinder way to work together.
Showing young people that horses are not vehicles but people and deserve respect and rights while working to improve the human’s self-esteem, confidence and communication skills.

Louisa Marais

Mmm a unique super power, I don’t know whether I have one of those, but I can tell you what I think is valuable skills and methods that I have.
1 My attention to detail, is something that helps me analyse a problem really closely. I don’t just see a hoof, I see angles, curves, bumps, lines and so much more. Each giving me information but also coming together to give me a bigger picture.
2 My calm nature I’ve been told really helps the horses stay calm too, and especially anxious horses tend to relax when I’m working with them.
3 My ability to see potential in a horse and in a relationship when others struggle to. I see the challenges and issues yes, but then I look past that as well and see the healthy, happy horse when we overcome health challenges or the harmonious relationship between horse and human once they understand each other better and overcome behavioural challenges. And because I see opportunity and potential I don’t easily give up, and I continue to learn and grow as much as I can to help reach that goal faster, to help the horse and owner faster.

Phillippa Christie

Throughout my life, I’ve always found trouble. I used to think that was a bad thing, but now I know it can be a superpower too. Change doesn’t happen without someone standing up and saying it’s needed. Not everyone will be happy with it, but if you believe in yourself and stay true to yourself can overcome anything.
I want to celebrate women today and throughout history, that challenged what was and caused trouble!
I also wish to celebrate the woman who have made the Equine Academy possible. Including our tutors, our supporters and also our mentors – ACORNS was a big inspiration and the EA would not be here today without the strong female leadership and guidance it has received over the past year.
Thank you ALL! You are inspirational to me and to the whole team

Do tell us about the inspirational horsewomen or women in your life who you would like to celebrate with us.


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