The Thoracic Sling

The thoracic sling is a very important group of muscles that attach the the forelimb to the body. As the horse has no collar bone, the fore limbs are attached by strong muscles and tendons.

The main muscle group involved are the rhomboideus, trapezius, ventral serratus and cranial and caudal pectoral muscles with some assistance from the other muscles in the area.

This is subdivided into two groups:

Upper muscles of the shoulder girdle

These suspend the limb from the neck and trunk

  • Trapezius
  • Omotransversarius
  • Rhomboideus: cervical and thoracic parts
  • Latissimus dorsi

Lower muscles of the shoulder girdle

Suspends the trunk between the forelimbs:

  • Superficial pectorals
  • Deep pectorals
  • Subscapularis
  • Serratus; cervical and thoracic part
  • Sternocephalicus
  • Brachiocephalicus
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