Bitless bridle fit practitioner advanced diploma



bitless bridle fit practitioner
advanced diploma


What You'll learn....

Learn advanced bitless bridle fitting & coaching to a professional level. Assess a variety of cases and learn from highly experienced and qualified professionals in bridle fit, design technology, anatomy, biomechanics & more!

Everything you ever wanted to learn about bitless bridle fitting and training in one course. 

This advanced course provides over 150 pre-recorded lessons, coursework & live lectures over 12 months accompanied by tailor made practical worksheets, original illustrations, over 50 videos featuring a team of professionals speaking directly to you.  This course can build your confidence in fitting for own horses and/or professionally as a bitless bridle fitter.

Course Content

Term 1: History of Bitless Riding

Discover the history of bitless riding, including the development of bridle design in the Americas and modern bridle design and uses in competition. This term will conclude with a live discussion and submission of a short paper.

Term 2: Head Anatomy

Learn in-depth head anatomy, relative to bridle fit, completed by a live lesson with a qualified Vet Physio. You’ll receive a 1/2 size 3D printed skull and create nerves and mould clay muscles for your final exam piece.

Term 3:  The Bridle

You will learn all the basics of the bridle and then build your specialist knowledge into each type of bitless bridle, how they work, and specific information delivered by a series of professional video lessons. This term will be completed with a virtual lecture from Course Leader, Phillippa Christie. Assessment is by online examination.

Term 4 Part 1: Bridle Assessment

Learn how to assess a horse for bridle fit, considering the whole horse including physical assessment while using the unique Bitless Boutique bridle fit report. You will download and prepare a completed assessment for your end of term exam (digital submission).

Term 4 Part 2: Bitless Bridle Fit

In this term, you will take your previous skills and knowledge and prepare to fit bridles based on your previous assessments. At the end of this module, you’ll be invited to a live discussion with Phillippa Christie and Jen Hyland to discuss the physical assessment and making choices of bridles.

Term 5: Transitioning to Bitless

Incorporating the biomechanics aspect of ridden assessment of bridle fit and learning how to spot both horse and rider imbalances. We’ll discuss the ridden aids, learning theory and delivering training with R- and R+. This portion is filmed with professional 2* Event rider Niamh O’Carroll and includes a series of recommended exercises you can use in your coaching business both for bitless transitioning and improving lightness and understanding of ground and ridden aids.

Your workshop will include live talk with Q&A from Professional Biomechanics Coach Nicky Mummery. Your exam will be to assess the biomechanics of horse and rider in 2 pieces of prepared ridden footage.

Term 6: Tailored Design, Problem Solving & Case Studies

In your final term, you will develop your independent work with guidance to deliver case studies in bridle fit and coaching, which will be assessed by the team.  You will have the option to submit a bridle design which can be put forward as a retail bridle design. 

Coursework extensions are allowed up to 3 months.

The course is created to be flexible to your studying needs, with recorded workshops and the opportunity to ask questions to tutors in a private group.

Gain access to unlimited digital copies of the latest documentation to provide to your clients such as pre-design consultation forms and fitting guides. You will also receive a handy professional’s pocket fitting guide to take to sessions for quick reference.



Live Online Workshops



Certified Course



Professional Diploma







Certified Course

Live Online Workshops

Professional Diploma

Learn at your own pace.

This course covers over 200hrs of learning. Starting in October with completion in June. 

Please note that case studies can be extended an additional 3 months making this a 9-12 month course.

This course is set at Level 5. It enables professionals to develop a broad range of skills, which are vocationally specific and require a general theoretical understanding. Students are enabled to work independently while subject to general direction. 

Skills are assessed within each module and includes a final practical exam includes case studies on bridle fit and coaching.

There are no formal entry requirements to complete this course, however some previous interaction or basic knowledge of horses is recommended.

Please note, you will need access to at least 2 horses to fulfil the practical exam.

Includes graded assessments and coursework by a team of professional instructors.

On successful completion of this course, you will receive an Advanced Diploma in the course subject and Accreditation from The Professional Bridle Fitters Association with 1 year membership as a professional fitting partner included in the course fee once you have graduated.

The investment cost of this course is €2,500.

The enrolment fee includes the exclusive EDIX bridle trial kit, a selection of shanks, an assessment pack, 1/2 size 3D printed skull, access to online materials, live lectures, assessment grading and printed certificates.

Postage of the fit kit and printed materials is NOT included and will be invoiced at the time of posting.


Secure your place with non-refundable deposit or non-refundable full course payment.

Payment plans are available and full payment is due by January 2025.

Professional Benefits

This course offers educational information & tools at a professional level in bitless bridle fitting, that you may also register with several bitless bridle brands as an approved fitter including Edix, Biggs, Orbitless and more.

Additionally, the course includes a 12-month recognised processional membership to Professional Bridle Fit Association and as an accredited bridle fitter. You will also receive recognition as a fitting partner to Bitless Boutique.

You will receive the option (no additional cost) of a profile featured on the Professional Bridle Fitters Association website where you can receive virtual and in-person consultation referrals.

A Professional Bitless Bridle Fit Kit

This fit kit allows your clients / students to try each bitless option with your in-depth understanding of fit, anatomy & biomechanics

The exclusive EDIX Fit Kit Includes the following in sizes pony, cob, full & x-full:

Headpiece Set
Browband Set
Sidepull Noseband Set
Shank Noseband Set
Shank Collection
Curb Strap Set
Crossunder Set
Rein Clips
Bosals (Cob/Full)
Rein Clips
Mecate Reins
Bridle Kit Storage Case

Worth over €750 (RRP)

Your Professional Instructors

Phillippa Christie

Bitless specialist & bridle fitter

Phillippa has extensive knowledge of both theory and practical application in bitless bridle fitting & training. Previously she has studied equine anatomy, biomechanics & behaviour.

Jen Hyland

Vetenary Physiotherapist

Jen is a qualified vet physio. In addition, she is a former GP dressage rider & professional eventing coach with Horse Sport Ireland. Jen also rides her own horse bitless.

Nicky Mummery

Biomechanics Coach

Nicky is a certified biomechanics coach. Her expertise is rider biomechanics supports our coaching element to ensure students develop a keen eye for correct posture. Nicky is starting her horses bitless.

Early Bird Offer Ends In...



Yes, this course is designed for horse owners and students who wish to take the step towards learning bitless bridle fitting at a professional level. 

Yes, you can take the classes in your own time as they are a mix of written and pre-recorded lessons.

Every 2 months we offer a live lecture which is also recorded. This is helpful for students who learn through discussion and interaction. You can speak directly with your instructors with extra presentations to help you with the materials.

Register for the course today and we will send out your starter pack with assessment materials. You will be manually enrolled once you receive your invitation to the induction.

This will happen when the course starts in October.

This course is accredited through the Professional Bridle Fit Association and Equine Partnership – the leading experts in bitless bridle research, design & fit. The course structure follows (EQF) European Qualification Framework Level 5 standards.

The course is open for enrolment from March until the end of September and begins in early October.

We offer an extension of 3 months to submit coursework to receive your grade.

Yes, we only ask for a 10% deposit up front, the course is split in to 3 monthly payments (Oct/Nov/Dec) however, full payment for this course is required before receiving the fit kit which includes the 3D skull.

The official fit kit is already included in the course price. Fit kits can only be ordered with this course.

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Developed by a team of award winning web developers with a passion for equestrianism. Our platform is mobile friendly so you can learn on the go, community orientated to give you opportunities to network with your peers & professionals and our unique rewards-based system that makes learning both fun and motivational.

We involve the best and the brightest inspirational professionals to bring you their courses created from years of experience, academic learning & self development. When you enroll in a course on the Equine Academy, you are investing in yourself and your relationship with horses.

Start your journey today and enjoy learning for a better tomorrow.


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