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What to Expect

Course Structure

The course is delivered through several modules, each between 3 and 8 weeks in length. At the end of each module, the next module will automatically launch, even if you haven’t completed the assessment. This is to avoid overwhelm and to help support the group to be focussed on the work at hand. Each module will be date marked, so you can note when it can be accessed.

Live Lectures

There are several live lectures throughout the course, these are designed to support you with live guest interaction to ask questions etc., so we highly encourage you to attend. Dates will be announced each term at the most convenient times.


At the end of each module, except the ‘Transitioning to Bitless’ module, there will feature an assessment. Most are practical, however the first and last assessments include a written essay.

Late Assessments

Late assignments will lose marks based on how late they are. Extensions can be provided with a minimum of 1 week’s notice. However, any assignment/assessment over 6 weeks late may lose up to 5% of the marks for each further week that it is late.


  • Any assignment over 14 weeks late is an automatic fail.
  • If you have any specific learner needs, e.g. if you are Dyslexic, please let your course leader know for an automatic extension.
  • We are here to help, tell us if you need more support.

Pass Rate

  • Each assignment will be marked out of 100%. If there are specific points, this will be clearly marked on the question/task.
  • To pass this course, you need to attain at least 60% average grade overall.
  • If you score below 30% on any assessment, you will need to retake the module, and additional costs may be incurred for re-grading.

Distinction Grading

To earn a distinction in this course, you need to attain a minimum of 80% average grade. This means you may store higher in some assignments, and lower than 80% in others, as long as the average grade during the year amounts to an average 80% attainment.


Videos are embedded in the course and cannot be accessed outside the Academy. If you have any issues accessing the video, please check your own settings such as sound and that your browser is the latest version, but we are also here for technical support.


Please do not share any content outside this course unless we have expressed permission to do so. The content of this course is fully copyrighted to Equine Partnership and Phillippa Christie.

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