What is Palpation?

It’s the act of feeling with your hands. Don’t over palpate as you’ll be treating rather than reading

You palpate to feel for:

  • Tone
  • Texture
  • Heat
  • Lumps / raised areas
  • Atrophy 

Please watch the short video on palpation. This is a skill you have to practice and practice. Over time you’ll learn that you pick up on small changes in texture and tone. Once you’ve completed a few massage treatments you’ll get more of a feel for the muscles and how they feel and this will help you develop your palpation skills further.

Types of Pressure

  • Use light pressure to palpate the superficial structure and to prepare the horse for a heavier palpation
  • Use heavier pressure to palpate deeper tissues and structure

Use what you find to plan your treatment.

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