Fitting the Breastcollar

The breastcollar should fit above the point of shoulder to avoid interfering with the movement of the forelimb.  Some horses do not have a lot of space between the point of shoulder and the neck emergence.  This can make it difficult to fit a breastcollar that is made from a straight piece of material.  Many modern breastcollars have at least a slight curve to them now to allow for a lower neck emergence and encourage greater freedom of movement of the shoulders.

The length of the breastcollar should put the buckles for the traces about level with the horse’s elbow.  There are breastcollars that have the traces stitched directly into it and in this case you are looking for the padding to extend to being close to level with the horse’s elbows.

The neck strap and uptugs of the breastcollar should carry equal weight between them.  The neck strap closest to the end of the breastcollar should at least be vertical if not angled slightly back towards the rear of the horse.  It should not be angled forward.

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