Why Unconfidence Matters

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Here’s a course where I share the Complete Confidence approach and some of the tips that have made the biggest difference to people wondering IF to get Confidence Coaching and HOW to find the right one to work with.

By the end of this mini course you will know why it matters so much that we deal with lack of confidence as soon as we notice it – and have some clear ideas on how to get the best support to deal with it

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Personal Development

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Recommended 1-2 weeks
Approx. 6 hours including self development time.

This is an introductory course, suitable for all.

There are no entry requirements to complete this course.

There is no formal assessment for this course.

EA Certificate of Achievement.

This course is not associated with any awarding body and therefore is not a recognised qualification,

Completion of this course is worth 50 academy points

This is a free course.

Meet Your Course Leader

Cathy Sirett

My name is Cathy Sirett. I know what it’s like to let unconfidence, anxiety and fear control our choices, actions and outcomes. For over 20 years I have coached people to build authentic confidence and make a real difference in their lives. Now I have founded Complete Confidence to give you the chance to develop the kind of confidence that will change  your life too.

What will it mean to you to have more confidence in your work, your capabilities, your relationships and your life?

Let’s get started today…


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Maggie Ingham
Posted 1 month ago
The way forward

Content of these videos make so much sense. Difficult to challenge and overcome ingrained beliefs about ourselves and our expectations. Looking forward to the challenge!

Shannon Brauchli
Posted 2 months ago
Great course - short and to the point

Great course - short and to the point.

Amelia Phillips
Posted 3 months ago
Changes your direction

This is a super little course that will halt you on the path of lacking confidence. It will demystify and help you understand what is happening to you. Then get you to rationalise your responses and finally, start you off moving on a new pathway.

Julia Weston
Posted 4 months ago
Practical and easy to understand

A practical and easy to understand look at confidence and un-confidence, puts the ball firmly in your own court, what a challenge for the first module!

Gill Langridge
Posted 5 months ago

Brilliant as always Cathy, I look forward to doing the full course and actually finishing your book!

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