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The Enrich Your Partnership challenge is a 60 day challenge designed to give you a daily fun task to complete with your equine(s). 

Enrichment is a great way to improve what you already have and give you long lasting ideas while having fun. Fun is a key word, for both you and your horse.  Every task was created with both in mind and doesn’t require lots of expenses, with most items featured being ones you would typically find in a yard (such as a pole or branch).

You can get creative too!

How Does It Work?

Daily Challenge

Each day a NEW challenge will appear in your course


Share a photo of your challenge attempt or describe what happened.


On completion ALL participants will receive a certificate.

The Challenge Makers

The Enrich Your Partnership challenge is designed by Wendy Wainwright of Thunderhooves & Phillippa Christie of Equine Partnership.

They bring together their knowledge and expertise in enrichment and partnership exercises to bring you 60 daily challenges to enrich your partnership and have fun doing it!


When does the challenge start?

The challenge starts on the 5th October 2020

Is it free?

Yes, you can absolutely sign up for free and still receive your digital certificate once completed.

How do I start the challenges?

Challenges will appear daily in the course, just log in each day to discover your next challenge.

What is included with the premium challenge?

When you complete the challenge we’ll mail you a beautiful rosette and medal as well as receiving your digital certificate. 

What if I can't do challenges everday?

You could wait for a few challenges to be announced and then do those challenges in one day – although we recommend daily where possible.

When is the cut off date to enroll?

Challenges start on 5.10.2020 however you can enroll up to 19.10.2020 and still make all the challenges.

Enrollment is now closed.

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